Professional Landscaping company Kenya

Visrom Excavators has the right professionals dedicated to the design, complete landscape installation and maintenance of any property.

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Visrom excavators takes pride in offering timely and quality excavation services to our clients. We are able to do this through the combination......

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Rock Breaker

Visrom Excavators provide comprehensive rock breaker services that ensure that large rocks are reduced to required sizes. Our breakers and skilled personnel make your work easier and ready on time.

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Construction Equipment for Hire

Visrom Excavators posses a wide array of machines for hire. These machines can be utilized for many different applications.

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Visrom Demolition


We are experienced in this field and we have been doing demolition work for years.We can handle both residential or commercial.Our team can handle any kind of demolition and anywhere in the country

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Back Filling

This is filling in the vacuum left behind after excavating a project.You usually do this with hard and strong material or whatever

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