Equipment for Hire

Visrom Excavators posses a wide array of machines for hire. These machines can be utilized for many different applications.


Our dozers are powerful machines that are used for different and diverse projects. You can use our bulldozers for shallow digging and ditching, short-range transportation of materials, Spreading soil dumped from trucks, rough grading, removing trees and stumps and cleaning and leveling.


Our self-powered excavation machines can help you undertake different tasks. These include: digging of trenches, foundations material handling, demolition, general landscaping and much more.


Our backhoes offer a productive combination of speed and precision for optimum performance. They have easy-to-use controls and with extendable hoe option for increased digging depth and reach.

You can use our backhoes for a wide variety of tasks: construction, small demolitions, excavation tasks, landscaping, paving roads and light transportation of building materials


Our graders provide the effectiveness needed to restore driving surfaces and drainage attributes to roads. Our graders will help you in removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities by cutting road surfaces or filling them with materials moved back and forth across the road.

Tipper trucks

Visrom excavators’ tipper trucks have an all steel body and are ideal for moving and unloading soil and aggregates.

Suitable for:

Our tipper trucks will help you in: rubbish removal, sand and soil delivery and        demolition and clearing tasks

Our Rates

We do hourly or daily rates depending on the customers need.
The terms are either Dry rates (customer fuels the machine) or Wet rate (where we fuel the machines).

Our Equipment Brochure


An overview of our equipment for hire